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Credit Control

Chambers Bookkeeping

Total credit control is our comprehensive accounting package that allows you to maintain, monitor and manage your business finances on a monthly, Weekly or fortnightly basis.  This comprehensive package starts from as little as £200.00 a month and comprises of:


  • End of year accounts


  • TAX & VAT Returns


  • Monthly, weekly or fortnightly bookkeeping


  • Payroll


  • Credit control


  • Cash Flow


  • Monthly tax liability assessment.


  • CC Club membership (Please read CC Club for more details)


  • Leasing with HMRC on your behalf (Tax and VAT queries) 



SA100: Self Assessment

Other Statuary Returns







Business Taxation Management

Minimising Your Tax Liability

Maximising Tax Efficiency




  • Self Employed (Sole traders, LTD, Directors and Partnerships)


  • Income from land and property


  • Capital Gains Tax


  • Online Filing

Tax Returns


Taxation Management 

We are all liable for tax at some point, whether you’re a sole trader, a subcontractor, or an employer running your own business, tax and VAT is something you can’t avoid. Chambers Bookkeeping can help you understand which taxes you need to pay when you need to pay and most importantly reduce your tax bill by using our tax efficient accounting systems.


Many business owners go down the route of completing their own tax returns, though in the short term this may seem to be the cheapest option; the implications to your business for mistakes and the cost that will be incurred can easily start to mount up.  The majority of business owners unless they are also tax qualified will not fully be aware of all the capital allowances, mileage allowance, annual investment allowance and so much more that you are eligible to claim.  These allowances are a major part of keeping your tax bills low. These are all  steps put in place by the chancellor based on government guidelines, so understanding them fully and knowing how to utilise them to their full potential will be the difference in you saving money or losing money.

As part of our total credit control we offer an overview of your Tax liability on a monthly basis as well as a projection of the remainder of months based on current business performance. This projection will show you an overview of your tax liability as well as your forecasted sales based on current performance. With our total credit control designed the way it is, you are always on top of your finances, each month as your financial year progresses you will have the opportunity to save the money to pay your tax bills on time, avoiding any nasty tax surprises at the end of the year.

Tax Projections

The 10 per cent starting rate applies to savings income only. If, after deducting your Personal Allowance from your total income liable to Income Tax, your non-savings income is above this limit then the 10 per cent starting rate for savings will not apply. Non-savings income includes income from employment, profits from self-employment, pensions, income from property and taxable benefits.

10% Saving Regulations

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Tax Return

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