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Certified Accountants & Bookkeepers

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T: 0113 - 217 7224

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Chambers Consultation Club (CCC) was specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our members benefit from a wide range of services without the hassle of planning meetings and appointments with accountants/bookkeepers which just take time out of their busy schedules.


We operate as a consultation for business and individuals, weather it may be tax query, Vat issues, credit risk or any other issues our customers face in there day to day business.


The services we offer are second to none. There are no cancelation fees, set up fees or specified contractual times. All we ask our customers is for sufficient notices that way we can ensure direct debits are cancelled and there details are safely removed from our systems.

1. Our customers contact us via email, telephone, text or thorough our website


2. Ask their specified question


3. We action, or schedule a meeting or conference on the best way to proceed.

For as little as 33p a day your business can benefit from firsthand advice and your very own personalised accounting team.  Be even more efficient when dealing with your clients and cash flow


  • Determine the risk of extending credit to new and existing client


  • Satisfy MLR regulations


  • PAYE queries


  • Unlimited TAX, VAT advice


  • SA100 self assessment assistance


  • Cash flow assistance


  • Verify and have your tax returns checked before sending to HMRC


  • Check your clients business status before going into partnerships


  • Assistance with managing bad debt


  • Check and monitor the credit status of your clients


  • Establish the likelihood of your customers going out of business



Chase bad debts, ( Debt recovery letters sent to your customers from a leading debt recovery solicitor) LESTER ALDRIDGE

Cash flow Management

Chambers Bookkeeping

Business Essentials  



Working Together to achieve your SLA's

VAT / TAX  (SA100)


Debt recovery assistance

Business Essentials



CC Club  

Easy As 1 . 2 . 3

Business Essentials


Why not join the majority of our customers and take advantage of our £20.00 discount. £100.00 for 12 month of business essentials.

Customers defaulting on invoices and the time spent chasing debts can be one of the most rigorous and time consuming job for any business.


The importance of getting paid on time is the key factor in maintaining good cash flow.  


CC Club is here to help minimise the risk to you and your business by maximising the efforts used in recovering bad debts.


 Debt management assistant


  • Legal collection service


  • Solicitor’s letters to clients to recover overdue debts


  • In worst case scenarios we will assist you in obtaining county court judgements for non payments


All this will be handled by leading debt recovery solicitors LESTER ALDRIDGE.

Money Management


CC Club  

Business Essentials  for as little as

£10.00 a month

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Cash flow